Site Reliability Engineer (m/f/x)

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) or a developer interested in DevOps with Infrastructure-as-a-Service experience. Our efficient cloudnative environments for the health, finance and public sector deliver highest architecture quality through automation and (security) testing.
Do you want to help us design, build and run a self-service portal with complex pipelines and baseline infrastructure and operating dashboards for deploying distributed microservice architectures? Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • Design, deployment and operating experience for multistage development, integration and production setups including highly automated integration pipelines leveraging various testing concepts and deployment strategies
  • Deploying scalable setups leveraging cloudnative frameworks collaborating with our developers, product owners and architects
  • Consulting and coaching architects of our clients on how to optimize technology usage and evangelize our modern technology and process approach
  • Application and infrastructure performance design, testing, implementation and continuous measurements as well as optimization
  • Setting up centralized monitoring, logging, alerting and tracing infrastructure for 3rd level support of mission critical systems with ambitious SLAs
  • Responsibility for operating high-availability, redundant and complex distributed systems governed by the CAP-theorem to support highest non-functional requirements, e.g. for online banking, trading and reporting or medical systems


  • You love designing, building and operating mission critical systems that require no nightly attendance due to their high quality, resiliency and robustness
  • Healthy interest in trying out new concepts and technology, especially for infrastructure abstraction
  • Embrace change and have a cloudnative mindset
  • Have a good understanding of the merrits of centralized logging, monitoring, alerting, tracing, deployments and configuration management
  • A few years experience in technologies such as: Docker, Podman; Ansible, Salt, Terraform; Kubernetes (and Envoy, Istio or Linkerd; Jenkins, Gitlab, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, Flux; Alpine, CentOS, Debian; Icinga, Prometheus (Thanos would be nice); EFK, Loki etc.; MongoDB, PostgresQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j; Cassandra, HBase, Druid, RocksDB; AWS Secrets, Confidant, Envkey, Hashicorp Vault, SecretHub; Zipkin, Jaeger; Java, Javascript, TypeScript, React; ReST, OAuth 2.0

We believe that automation leads to higher productivity, developer satisfaction and creativity and think software development should be an engineering task requiring creative solutions. If you want to help designing a “build once, run often” DevOps infrastructure that is highly automated, modular, tested, extensible and conforms to highest regulatory standards, contact us please.



  • At CORE you are part of a performance-oriented and efficient corpo-rate culture with the highest ambitions
  • Working with personalities in heterogeneous and international teams
  • Challenges and responsibility at work, coupled with enthusiasm for re-sults and transparent communication
  • A culture that encourages you to contribute and implement your own ideas, the principle is "Competence leads"
  • Regular training as well as numerous benefits and services, that make your daily work easier

CORE supports clients in critical IT transformation projects worldwide, cooperating with leading institutions where IT provides a disproportionately high contribution to their business success.

We are committed to the principles of confidential cooperation, the consistent application of expert knowledge, and strict performance orientation.

The development of our team members is a very important element of our corporate culture. Only by providing continuous guidance and training can we ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations consistently.


Cathrin Lindacher
Senior Human Resources Manager

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